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2016 is finally here!

I'm now a father, a straight A student and all in all, one hell of a happy guy!

     OK, first semester at school is over, 2015 is way behind us and I'm now a father. 2016 is here with more challenges than I can throw a stick at. By far, the most amazing thing is indeed becoming a father for the first time, and discovering a whole lot of stuff about women I had no idea about. You think you know about women? I did. Then I was in the delivery room, and then saw my wife give birth to a little girl. Then I get to watch that little girl grow up and my wife recover from the experience. I've gained a new perspective and peeked into a world I was not familiar with.
     I write this on the morning of my first day back at school. I'm excited to see my classmates again after nearly a month away. I'm a bit nervous about our first class, as I hear our professor is tough and the class self quite difficult and dense. I'm just excited. Over the holidays I had a chance to decompress and relax after a very intense semester of homework, studying, research, writing, reading and all the other great stuff that comes from school. I feel much more confident as a student/academic life, and have identified my weaker points and how to strengthen them. I feel much better as a photographer too, as I've sorta figured out what it is that I want to photograph and how. 
     So, being a father is awesome and terrifying. It i joy and it is pain. The day my girl was born I was the happiest man in the world, not really sure what had just happened but ecstatic nonetheless. A few days later she got seriously ill and required intensive care for her first week of life...THAT was the most horrifying experience ever. I couldn't believe how much pain and suffering such a tiny life could go through. It shattered my heart to see her cry every time she got poked and probed, scanned and x-rayed...and yet, I learned a great from her. She is strong. She pulled through. She smiles and she giggles (or I think she does anyway). She is happy at home, and I'm glowing. 
     Now I'm getting my gear ready for my first class. In a few minutes I'll go make breakfast and spend time with my kid after that. I swear, Everything now revolves around her. Holding her and spending time with her is the highlight of my day. So is school, I get such a great feeling of belonging there, I'm growing intellectually and the friends I've made there so far are simply wonderful. OK, time got some chow. see you soon!
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