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    Whether they are stored in old shoe boxes, family albums or CDs and hard drives, we want to preserve your photographs well into the future. We help you guard them against deterioration risks to extend their life. Our à la carte services or custom preservation packages are tailored to your collection's needs.

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    Collection Inventory

    What exactly do you have in your collection?

    The first step in taking care of a collection is to know what exactly is in that collection. The quantity, type and dimension of each item in the collection will help us determine the right preservation options for you. You'll be able to make informed decisions about the care of your photographs.

    Condition Analysis

    What shape are your photographs in?

    We create accurate condition reports that are essential to determine appraisal values and more finely-tuned preservation solutions. It is important to track a photograph's condition over time, especially if it is rare, a valuable heirloom, an investment or all three.

    Preventive Conservation

    Peace of mind.

    Long-term protection of your photographs takes into account a set of risk factors that include physical, chemical and biological degradation threats. We monitor your collection through regular site visits and tackle preservation issues as they arise, before they become a problem.

    Digital Archiving Solutions

    Are your photos ready for a digital life?

    Digitizing your photographs is the first step in their digital preservation. They are easy to share with family and friends making them much more accessible, and can be embedded with lots of useful information, like names, places and other details, taking the pressure off the originals. Digitized photos can then live in a database or digital archive, where they can be searched and organized in a myriad ways.

    Digital Restoration and Facsimiles

    Bringing images back

    Some photographs cannot be repaired on paper, but artistic talent and digital technologies allow us to restore a picture back pretty close to its original glory. Combined with high quality custom printing, these images can be brought back into the living room or the gallery to be enjoyed for many years to come.


    Displaying them safely

    We help you find the best ways to display your photos safely in your home, gallery or museum. We take into account the framing, foot-traffic, light and environmental conditions in the space to both protect your photos and let them shine. Photos are meant to be enjoyed after all.

    In-Depth Research

    The who, what, where, when and how of your photographs

    We look beyond the image to help date, locate where the picture was made and if possible, by whom. Combining this research with your own information about the photograph, we can piece together the context of its creation, enriching it with new knowledge.

  • About Celio Barreto:

    Photographer | Collections Manager | Researcher


    For more than 20 years Celio Barreto has been engaged in commercial, travel, street and art photography projects. Since 2007 he has been curating photography and contemporary art exhibitions in Osaka, Helsinki, Paris and Toronto.


    Celio has studied under the best photography scholars, practitioners, collections managers, curators, conservators, archivists, librarians and researchers at Ryerson University, The Ryerson Image Centre, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre, The Image Permanence Institute, The Northwest Document Preservation Center, The Art Gallery of Ontario and The Canadian Conservation Institute.


    Celio has been working for leading photography scholars in Canada at the SSHRC-funded Family Camera Network Project; assisting them behind the scenes to help establish an important new family photography archive and in its related exhibition, The Family Camera. This is a Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Primary Exhibition to be held at The Royal Ontario Museum.